The Promise



Director: Zeljko Mirkovic
Country: Serbia/France/Belgium
Run Time: 74 mins
When: Saturday Sept 16 at Noon
Where: Sloans Lake Alamo Drafthouse


A century ago Rogljevo was incredibly prosperous for a remote village in far eastern corners of Serbia. The wines of Rogljevo were to be found at exhibitions in Bordeaux and Paris. But today this region is poor and deserted. Suddenly a French family moved in to grow grapes and produce wine. They believe they have discovered a promised land, one of the top five wine regions in Europe. Their arrival sparked high hopes with some villagers – and great resistance and mistrust with others. Can Rogljevo yet again live out of its wine?


About the Director:

Multiple DocuWest alum, and Award-winning film director and producer, Zeljko Mirkovic, earned an undergraduate degree in TV directing at the Academy of Art in Belgrade in 1999, and an MA at ETMA (European Television Management Academy) Strasbourg, France, and Bournemouth University, Media School, UK. Currently he is completing his PhD dissertation at the University of Vienna, Austria, in the Media and Communication Department. He has won 45 international awards for his documentaries. His most recent documentary, The Second Meeting, was an official Oscar’s candidate. Zeljko’s films have been featured at more than 200 international film festivals and broadcast over TV stations throughout Europe, USA and Asia. With over 10 years’ experience in film and documentary production and media management, Zeljko has worked with numerous international film companies and TV stations in the USA, UAE, Belgium, UK, the Netherlands, Spain, Serbia and Montenegro. He is owner of Optimistic Film. He has been an invited film lecturer in universities in New York City; Los Angeles; Berlin, Germany; Barcelona, Spain; Geneva, Switzerland; Gorizia, Italy, and Belgrade, Serbia. Currently he a Professor of Film and Digital Media at EMU, Harrisonburg, VA, USA.