Shorts Package: History Colorado Shorts

When: Friday May 13th at 4pm
Where: History Colorado Center

These shorts are either by Colorado filmmakers or take place in Colorado. From global to personal, the range of topics is massive, but the Colorado spirit shines through each.

Rodeo Dream

DirectorSean Webley
Country: USA
Run Time: 5 mins


Steven never planned to ride bulls professionally. But at age twenty-four, with his life spiraling out of control, his brother convinced him to try it and he was instantly hooked. Now he’s determined to do whatever it takes to win the Colorado state championship.

142 Miles from Monday

Director: Alex Witkowicz
Run Time: 9 mins


Three mountain bikers find fear, solace and meaning in the high mountain desert. The film takes place on the 142 mile long Kokopelli trail between Fruita, Colorado, and Moab, Utah, and reveals the daunting, inhospitable nature of this lonely desert landscape.

1000 Cuts

Director: James Balog

Country: USA
Run Time: 10 mins


Utah’s Canyonlands National Park is known for its fantastically formed arches and pinnacles, its canyon mazes and pristine solitude. Famed photographer, James Balog, finds that the rugged, primitive land that he loves is being transformed by industrial development—right up to national park boundaries.

Two-Hundred Percent

Directors: Ryan S Porush
Country: USA
Run Time: 30 mins


A young man travels to Israel to reunite with his long-lost father 15 years after a tragic accident. There, his expectations clash with reality as he reconsiders his father’s life and is forced to confront a painful past.

Little Victories

Director: Megan Jones

Country: USA
Run Time: 6 mins


The true story of how one couple comes to terms with the fact that their son is born with Down Syndrome. To learn more about Ari’s amazing journey be sure to visit the blog “Follow Every Dream: Ari’s Journey”