On the Wild Edge

On the Wild Edge

Director: Christopher Daley

Country: Belgium, USA

Run Time: 67 mins

When: Sunday, May 15 at 12:30pm

Where: History Colorado Center


In 1981 David and Caroline Petersen settled in the mountains of Southwest Colorado in search of a simple, independent life in tune with nature. Following David during his annual elk hunt, the film traces their journey; from the early years of poverty and through the hardships they learned to weather.

During the weeks of waiting and stalking, we discover how his practice of traditional bow hunting fosters Dave’s intimate connection with nature and inspires his passionate efforts as a conservationist. Providing for their own meat and wood has anchored Dave and Caroline’s life for decades.

As this master woodsman struggles through perhaps the most difficult hunt he has ever experienced, it becomes clear that the dream he and and Caroline have built cannot last forever.