“Impact On” Colorado:


Director: Erika Volchan O’Conor

Country: USA

Run Time: 86 mins

When: Sunday, Sept 17 at Noon

Where: Sloans Lake Alamo Drafthouse


Capturing the social, racial and gender dynamics of a defining era in American history (1870-1970), ‘Pioneers’ tells the stories of four Colorado women artists who courageously confronted social stigma and prejudice in their pursuit of equal opportunity and artistic expression. Helen Henderson Chain, Jean Wirt Sherwood, Muriel Sibell Wolle, and Eve Drewelowe – their stories exemplify the important influence that women have had on culture and society across the American West. Acting with intrepidity and spirits of benevolence, these women serve as role models for those who champion social progress and value artistic expression today.

About the Director:

Erika Volchan O’Conor is a documentary filmmaker and multi-media producer currently based in Boulder, Colorado. She is interested in producing culturally specific and universally compelling stories that highlight the ingenuity, bravery, and resilience of the human spirit.