Brimstone & Glory

Director: Viktor Jakovleski

Country: USA

Run Time: 67 mins

When: Saturday Sept 16 at 4pm

Where: Sloans Lake Alamo Drafthouse





The bulls that storm through the alleyways of Tultepec breathe fire and brimstone, as the towers that dwarf the town go up in smoke. This small town is the setting for the annual fireworks festival. The dazzling displays are not just a show of talent and originality, but an opportunity for locals and tourists alike to demonstrate their courage. Fireworks are the town’s only industry. Adults and children prepare them together, under life-threatening conditions. Undeterred by the occasional accident, the fireworks people climb towers, light fuses, and run away from stray sparks, even during thunderstorms. “Scars”, they say, “are our souvenirs.” These rare images capture the beauty of the moments when everything burns and time stands still.

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